Are you planning to buy best term life insurance? Before you consider other options, go online and try Accuquote first. This company has been in existence since 1986 and has been helping people to find get life insurance policy. The insurance agent works hand in hand with top insurance companies such as Fidelity Life, Transamerica Life, Prudential and many other recognized companies.

What are the pros of Accuquote?

Many insurance agents will offer you just two or three companies they like to work with but Accuquote gives you access to very many different companies so that you choose the best one to work with.

With online insurance agents, you need to have access to enough information about the particular company so that you make an informed decision. With Accuquote, you get access to a lot of resources including articles, videos, calculators and even podcasts. You can use the calculators to know how much life insurance you will need. Some of the information you need will not be available at your local insurance agent.

With Accuquote, you have a choice of different types of insurance which you get to choose from. They specialize in life insurance but you can also get permanent life insurance, children’s life insurance, medical insurance and even children’s life insurance. They also offer you financial services, disability insurance and even long term care insurance.

The customer service provided by Accuquote employees is excellent and they provide great follow-throughs and results. They also enable you to change insurance plans very smoothly. When you want to increase your insurance cover by a given factor, it is easily done.
The cons

Many insurance companies will ask for your contact information only but at Accuquote, you have to also submit a lot of information including filling up a health questionnaire. As much as this may seem to be a bit different, the positive side to this is that they may be out to get information so that they get an accurate quote for you.

You don’t get to talk face to face with the representative as compared to local agencies. This is provided for by the option to call or chat directly with representatives

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